Traveling While Pregnant

Thinking about getting away? Traveling while pregnant has a common misconception of being risky. ABC Travel Clinic delivers fast and effective vaccinations given by our qualified healthcare practitioners to make your trip as enjoyable as possible, while keeping you safe and healthy.

Travel Vaccines for Pregnant Women

It is normal to be anxious about the health of the baby during a pregnancy. Our healthcare professionals understand that, and we make sure that the medical precautions that you need to keep you healthy are also safe for the child.

It is still recommended to receive certain vaccinations such as the yearly Flu shot and Tdap vaccine during pregnancy. The Tdap vaccine is important because it protects your little one from whooping cough; this vaccination is given between 27 and 36 weeks. There are other recommended travel vaccines that can be safely given during pregnancy and will depend on your destination, duration, and the time of the year that you are traveling. All of the information will be discussed in detail during your consultation appointment at ABC Travel Clinic.

Can I Fly While Pregnant?

Traveling while pregnant most of the time is safe if it is done at the right time and with the discussion of the health care practitioners including the visit to Obstetrician.

    • Flying into the Second Trimester: The 18-24 week period of your pregnancy usually is the perfect time to fly for most expectant mothers. Morning sickness will most likely be out of the picture, with preterm labour being rare as well. However, several pregnancy complications such as: placenta previa, pre-eclampsia and many others conditions may prohibit future mothers from flying. Therefore, it is always important to discuss any future traveling plans with your Obstetrician and qualified health care practitioners to ensure both the health and safety of the mother and for her baby.
    • Increasing Blood Circulation: Remember to take walks during long flights to increase the blood circulation in your legs. The toll of traveling for hours will be much easier on your body this way.

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Zika Virus – What You Need to Know

The Zika Virus is transmitted by mosquitoes that are carrying it when they bite you. The virus can cause newborn birth defects. Currently, there is no vaccine or medication to prevent or cure Zika, therefore being cautious of where Zika may be a risk to you is important for your infant’s health. Traveling to certain destinations that may carry the virus is not recommended while pregnant. Such destinations include: The Caribbean, Central America and Mexico, South America, Southeast Asia, Ocean Pacific Islands, and Central and West Africa. If you must travel to these destinations please contact us as well as your family doctor.

For more information about Zika, visit the following resources:
Zika virus: Advice for travellers: 

Zika awareness resources:

Pregnancy Medicine

Popular to contrary belief, it is safe to take specific medications in small doses while pregnant. There are a variety of medications that are safe for the health of future moms. These are good guidelines, but please always consult your family doctor before taking medication while pregnant.
Curing Nausea for Flying: Gravol is safe to use while pregnant, specifically in small doses. This will help relieve the stress and effect flying may have on your stomach, making your trip a much more enjoyable one.
Baby-Safe Medicine: Tylenol is safe to use while pregnant, just follow the dosage recommendation on the bottle and that headache will fade away.
There are other medications and remedies that may be also recommended for flying and are for the most part considered to be safe during pregnancy.

For further information on traveling while pregnant, safe medications, and vaccines give us a call at (647) 242-2177 or email us and we will be more than happy to assist you!

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