Virtual Consultation

Travel Consultations are only provided for travelers residing in Ontario.

Can I book Virtual Consultation any day?


How much does a Virtual Consultation cost?

Virtual Consultation for 1 traveler is $39.95
The virtual consultation becomes cheaper if more travelers attend the same consultation.
*Book a Virtual Consultation and get EXTRA $10 OFF when you come to the clinic to get your vaccinations.

Will I get my prescriptions for vaccines and medications after a virtual (video and phone) consultation?

ABC Travel Clinic has in stock all vaccines and medications on site. If the travel practitioner recommends certain medications for travel, prescriptions can be faxed to a client’s choice of pharmacy.
ABC Travel Clinic does not provide prescriptions for vaccines.
All recommended and required vaccinations for traveling vaccines can be provided on-site at the clinic by a licensed health care practitioner. A client will receive an additional $10 off discount upon returning to the clinic after a virtual consultation to get the recommended and/or required vaccines needed for their trip.

What is the difference between In-Clinic Consultation and Virtual Consultation?

Virtual consultation is intended for travelers who would like to get the most up-to-date information and health advice regarding their upcoming trip including the recommended/required vaccinations and medications related to their trip but cannot physically come to the clinic to get on site travel consultation.

How long does a Virtual Consultation last?

Virtual Travel Consultation lasts for about 30 minutes for one person.

Can you do a Virtual Consultation for a group of travelers?

Yes. Virtual Consultation can be done for the group up-to 6 people.

Should I come see someone in the clinic after a Virtual Consultation?

After a traveler receives a Virtual Travel Consultation, they can come to the clinic to get the recommended/required vaccinations and medications for their trip.
If they do come to the clinic to get the vaccines and medications – they will receive an EXTRA $10 off of the total invoice.

Is Virtual Consultation covered by insurance?

Virtual Travel Consultation may be covered by Insurance/Benefits. It will depend on the client’s insurance provider and the coverage that they have. It is always best to check with the insurance provider.

Do I get any discount when book Virtual Consultation?

Yes, you do. You will get a discount of $10 when you come to the clinic to get the recommended vaccines/medications for your trip after you have had the Virtual Consultation.

How does Virtual Consultation work?

Booking a Virtual Consultation is very easy. Click here ( follow simple instruction, and book your appointment. You can get a Virtual Consultation wherever you are, all you need is a device that has a camera and an internet connection.

I booked a Virtual Travel Consultation and already paid my consultation fee but then I would like to cancel. What do I do?

Cancellations can be made up to (maximum of) 24 hours prior to the initial appointment time and you will be reimbursed with a full refund.
If you would like to cancel an appointment after you have booked it, please send an email to:

What happens after I book my Virtual Consultation Appointment?

You will receive an email confirmation of your confirmed appointment date and time.
Then, you will need to fill out an Online Medical History intake form prior to your appointment. Finally, you will receive an email with your Comprehensive Itinerary related specifically to your travel destinations.

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