Travel Medications

In order to be fully protected during your trip, in addition to vaccinations and preventative measures you may need to invest in travel medications for the duration of your trip. With on-site care, we dispense and provide you with medications that are personalized to your trip. Often, travelers get sick during their trip and are unable to find the correct medication within their destination, or simply cannot afford or find proper medical care. With the help of ABC Travel Clinic located in North York, Toronto, you can be prepared for every eventuality that requires medical attention before it happens.

Here is what we can offer you:

Complete vaccinations for every destination around the world

We offer vaccinations for every possible communicable disease in every destination, meaning you will be completely protected during your trip. We stock the associated vaccines or medications. To view a full list of vaccinations we offer please visit our Travel Vaccines. Or visit our Travel clinic in North York, Toronto.

Travel medications for every eventuality

We offer medications for everything from common ailments such as traveler’s diarrhea to malaria medications even including altitude medications. We are knowledgeable about conditions such as altitude sickness, fear of flying, etc. and can offer advice and provide you with the necessary medications that you may need for any of these conditions. We will take into account your personal medical history to offer a comprehensive plan for your trip, remembering food allergies, sensitivities, previous conditions and concerns.

Dengue Fever Medication

Dengue, or Dengue fever is an illness caused by a virus spread by mosquito bites. It is commonly seen in subtropical regions such as parts of the Caribbean, Central and South America, Western Pacific Islands, Australia, Southeast Asia, and Africa. The mosquitoes that spread it live in both urban and rural areas, and bite during the day and night. While there is no vaccine for Dengue, medication is available for quick recovery. Symptoms of Dengue include fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, rash, joint pain, eye pain, muscle pain, and in severe cases stomach pain, vomiting, bleeding from the nose or gums. Learn more about Dengue fever here.

Zika Prevention

Zika is a disease caused by a virus spread through mosquito bites. In recent years, there have been outbreaks of Zika in areas of Africa, Southeast Asia, The Pacific Islands and the Americas, making it a high risk contagious disease. While most people infected with Zika do not get sick, some will develop mild cold-like symptoms. Guillian-Barre syndrome or GBS is a syndrome a small portion with Zika may develop. The largest threat Zika presents is to pregnant women, which is why it is not recommended to travel to affected countries while pregnant for risk of Zika causing serious birth defects. There is currently no vaccine available, and mosquito repellent is the best form of protection. Pregnant women need to get tested regularly if residing in an area where Zika has been reported.

Traveler’s Diarrhea Medications

Traveler’s Diarrhea is an uncomfortable condition caused by the ingestion of foods handles in unsanitary ways, most often being caused by the presence of E.coli bacteria. This unfortunate condition is most easily avoided by eating only thoroughly cooked meals or preparing your own during travel. We offer a variety of solutions to counteract the effects of Traveler’s Diarrhea, making your trip more pleasant and easier when dealing with this condition. Learn more about Traveler’s Diarrhea here.

Malaria Prevention

Malaria is a disease spread through mosquito bites and is common in Africa, Central and South America, parts of the Caribbean, Asia, Eastern Europe, and the South Pacific. Symptoms include fever, shaking, chills, and other flu-like illness. Without treatment malaria, might result in severe illness and death. Find more information about Malaria here.

Altitude Sickness or Mountain Sickness Medications

Dealing with altitude sickness can ruin your trip. Let us help you learn to manage and control it so you can get back to trekking. Find more information about Altitude Illness here.

Diabetes and Travel Solutions

We offer tips on how to manage your diabetes while out of the country, in a foreign environment.

Food and Water Precautions

Water purification means, tips on how to prevent diarrhea and contraction of other diseases.

Chikungunya Fever

Chikungunya fever is an illness caused by a virus spread through mosquito bites that occur in Africa, Asia, portions of Central and South America, some islands in the Indian Ocean, Western and South Pacific and the Caribbean. The mosquito carrying the disease can be found in both urban and rural areas. Chikungunya fever causes fever and joint pain, and sometimes headaches, muscle pain, joint swelling, and rash. There is no vaccine for this disease, though medications exist to manage it upon contraction.

Motion Sickness Medications

To manage your motion sickness and prevent it from getting in the way of your travels.

Jet Lag Regulation

Avoid jet lag from getting in the way of your enjoying your trip.

Other Medications and Concerns

Always feel free to ask us what we can help you with during your trip. We offer solutions to prevent heatstroke and sunstroke, offer solutions to travel with infants and children, and much more.


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If you are intending to travel to Africa, Asia, Central and South America or Eastern Europe for prolonged times, we always recommend you take the necessary precautions to ensure your health and well-being. Book an appointment with ABC Travel Clinic to discuss vaccines, medication, safety, and other health concerns that you may have. Make sure your upcoming trip will be a good one, and book your consultation today. For more information about our clinic, send us an email or give us a call anytime! To learn more about travel destinations, associated risks, vaccines and medications, browse our website. Remember to be safe during your upcoming vacation, and book your travel consultation with ABC Travel Clinic in North York, Toronto today.

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