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Travel Consultations with ABC Travel Clinic in Toronto

Whenever our customers come in, we hear the same questions about travel. How can I be safe on my upcoming trip? What travel shots and vaccines should I get for this and this country? No matter where you are travelling, and for how long, it’s always best that you go prepared. With a number of communicable diseases appearing in every travel destination in the world, it’s best to be prepared for every eventuality. Therefore we always recommend you have the necessary immunizations, medications and safety knowledge before you leave.

With the help of ABC Travel Clinic in Toronto, you can have the peace of mind that you are completely prepared for your upcoming trip, whether for leisure or work. With the help of our qualified health care professionals, you will receive the necessary vaccines, tips, and medical advice to guarantee that you will be safe in all situations. We will ensure that you are prepared in terms of vaccines, knowledgeable about the dangers of sunburn, communicable diseases, high altitude, foods to avoid and everything else you need to know. Here’s how our travel consultations work:

Schedule an appointment

Ideally, you should schedule your travel consultation 4 to 6 weeks before your trip. In addition, you may want to have a complete itinerary along with your current immunization record. This will ensure that you are educated about the environment you will be visiting, as well as you will have the time to receive all the necessary immunizations needed for your trip, and be counseled regarding all the precautions pertaining to your health. We do accommodate last minute travellers, but recommend at least a few weeks in advance so that our medical specialists can provide you with the utmost care.

In-depth consultation

During your appointment, our health care provider will assess your health history and personal needs, and allow us to create a personalized profile of care. We will provide you on site with knowledge about the possible health risks associated with your travel location, the required and recommended immunizations, as well as safety and security tips. We will also provide you with the latest advice about dietary and recreational activities. During this process we will provide you with the necessary medications and vaccinations needed for your trip, whether it be a vacation, work placement, mission trip, safari or semester abroad.

On-site care

As our facility is a one-stop clinic, we carry and administer all the necessary vaccinations and medicines, as well as care packages and items to make your trip a comfortable and safe one. We also provide antimalarial, altitude, and antidiarrheal medications for you to take with you. All immunization services can be provided on-site following the consultation or can be scheduled at a later date.

Complete travel products

We aim to make your journey as safe and comfortable as possible, which is why we also stock common medications, and travel products for your benefit.

Trusted care

Our travel health care practitioners will provide you with the best care possible, and a highly personalized and intimate itinerary so that you feel safe and protected throughout your trip. With such high standards, we always encourage our clients to feel at home in the clinic, and we similarly ask that you call us should you encounter any issues before or during your trip. We easily accommodate any changes, additional vaccinations and medications, and other problems that may arise. Our clinic has also a wealth of information about travel destinations and ideas, so feel free to give us a call to talk about planning your upcoming trip.

Full stock of vaccines and medications

We offer all the vaccines and medications related to travel on-site as well as we also offer routine standard vaccinations (ie. Tetanus, Measles Mumps Rubella, Shingles, Human Papilloma Virus, and many others). To view a list of the vaccinations that we offer please visit our “Travel Vaccines” page, located in the main menu.For more information about our clinic, send us an email or give us a call anytime! To learn more about travel destinations, associated risks,

For more information about our clinic, send us an email or give us a call anytime! To learn more about travel destinations, associated risks, vaccines, and medications, browse our website. Remember to be safe during your upcoming vacation/trip, and book your travel consultation with ABC Travel Clinic today.

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Travelers who require a Yellow Fever vaccination will be required to book an initial consultation appointment. Due to Yellow Fever shortage, Yellow Fever vaccine will be administered on a separate visit and not on the same day as a consultation appointment.

All of the materials presented on this website are intended for information
purposes only. It is in no way intended to replace professional medical travel
consultation by a qualified medical practitioner.

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