Vaccinations for Mexico: Stay Safe!

Traveling to a warm destination is exciting, and Mexico is one of the most popular vacation destinations for Torontonians. Unfortunately, travel-related illnesses can be a disappointing end to a long-awaited trip. In preparation for your vacation time, we have you covered. At ABC Travel Clinic your health is our first priority.

Hepatitis A and other Vaccinations

Hepatitis A is an easily preventable travel illness, and our qualified healthcare practitioners will happily give you your needed vaccinations. There are two different vaccines that can be given for Hepatitis A, and one is called Twinrix, which protects from both Hepatitis A and B.

Here are some things you need to know:
Why Vaccinate Before Travel: Hepatitis A vaccination is a highly recommended due to its reliability, and is particularly important when traveling to places with possibly contaminated food and water. Mexico and other Caribbean countries have a different drinking water system than us Canadians, making the water itself as well as the foods rinsed with it unsafe for our bodies. When traveling to Mexico bottled water is your friend and is readily available at most resorts, but make sure to get your Hepatitis A vaccine for the extra precaution.
The other important vaccine that is also recommended congruently with the Hepatitis A is Typhoid Fever. Typhoid fever is a bacterial infection and it is recommended for most people traveling to Mexico without constant access to safe food and water.

Vaccinations to Look Out for:

  • Tetanus shots are advised for the protection against bacteria that may be found in sand or other contaminated objects that can get into a break in the skin.
    All travelers should receive Tdap vaccine within the last 10 years prior to travel due to increasing pertussis (whopping cough) outbreak around the world.
  • Measles, Mumps, and Rubella – Evidence of past infection or should have received 2 doses of the vaccine during lifetime.
  • Varicella – Evidence of past infection or adequate vaccination history (2 lifetime doses)
  • Rabies – recommended for adventures travelers, hikers, cavers, veterinarians, staying in remote locations and away from a reliable source of human rabies immunoglobulin and rabies vaccine postexposure treatment.

Is It Safe to Drink Mexican Water?

Drinking water in Mexico is unsafe for Canadians due to the different filtration standards within the country. Our bodies are used to drinking highly purified water, a, important point to keep in mind when traveling.

drink water in mexico

Avoid the avoidable: Even if you are cautious while you are traveling, everyday habits can leave you at risk, such as brushing your teeth with tap water. The typhoid vaccination decreases your likelihood to contract Typhoid fever, a waterborne and foodborne virus. If you make sure you have all of the necessary medical precautions in place then every sunray will be more enjoyable on your trip away.

Canadian Embassy in Mexico

Canada and Mexico have a well-rounded relationship, with a Canadian embassy in place in the warmer country.
Make your Travels Carefree: Although contacting the Canadian Embassy in a foreign country is rarely needed, it is good to travel smart and informed. The Canadian consular provides quick and essential services in case of emergency to Canadians 24/7. For assistance:
Inside Mexico City phone this number: (55) 5724-7900
Outside the city call toll-free at 01-800-706-2900
For 24-hour emergency assistance phone 001-800-514-0129,and if you do not get through continue to contact 01-800-706-2900, or call collect at (613) 996-8885.
The embassy can also be emailed at .

Thank you for using our qualified Healthcare practitioner service for all your needs associated with vaccinations for Mexico and Mexican travel information. Give us a call at (647) 242-2177 or send us an email at for all your travel worries to fade away.


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All of the materials presented on this website are intended for information
purposes only. It is in no way intended to replace professional medical travel
consultation by a qualified medical practitioner.

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