The Essential Pre-Travel Checklist

While you’re frantically packing for your upcoming trip, you may want to stop and take a deep breath. There are many essential factors you need to take into consideration, even well before you plan your trip. It’s critical that you do your research, and gain knowledge of the medical risks you may encounter abroad when travelling for any reason. For your convenience, we’ve compiled this list to help you plan, and stay safe during your travels. Here’s ABC Travel Clinic’s essential travel checklist:

  1. Do some research: You may or may not have done research prior to choosing your travel location. In case you have not, and even if you think you already know everything about your destination, check again. You should have an accurate image in your mind of the places you are going to visit, the places you will stay, and the risks associated. Take care to check official sources such as the government websites of the countries you are visiting, the World Health Organization and the Centre for Communicable Diseases alongside tourist webpages.
  2. Check your risks: The risks associated with travelling depend on location, the purpose of your travel, the kind of travelling you will be doing, whether you visit urban or rural areas, your underlying medical conditions, age and gender. Keep these factors in your head as you research.
  3. Visit a travel clinic: The best way to find out about risks, problems and issues you may face is to visit a travel clinic. Travel clinics provide you with accurate information about the medications and vaccines you may need, and how best to prevent infectious diseases. ABC Travel clinic has access to all the latest news and health alerts around the world. Our clinic is your best source for licenced, accurate information and at our clinic, we offer same-day, on-site care and vaccinations. You can also, read more about the Advantages of a Travel Clinic.
  4. Purchase the necessary kits: Some important purchases you should be making are Malaria prevention and treatment medications, traveller’s diarrhea pills, First Aid Kits, stocks of your medications, hygiene and water treatment kits and other gear and accessories you may need. All of these travel health supplies are available at our clinic.
  5. Purchase travel insurance: Travel insurance is necessary when travelling outside of your home country. With a variety of travel insurance plans available, you should take time to select the best one for your location. Most plans cover medical problems, emergency medical treatment, evacuation, lost luggage and trip cancellation.
  6. Make copies of your documents: This may seem like an obvious point, but often people forget to take documents from home, or make copies of documents. Losing a passport or identity card can cause you problems at the border, upon exit or entrance.
  7. Get up to date on shots and prescriptions: Visit our travel clinic before taking a trip to make sure you are up to date on your prescriptions, vaccines and medical treatments. It’s always a good idea to discuss your travels with one of our specialized travel practitioners, so that you can have a better idea of the vaccines you may need.
  8. Check seasonal risks: Weather, temperature and seasonal communicable illnesses should always be on the forefront of your mind. Before you depart, ensure you are not risking being stranded due to weather conditions, and don’t run the risk of seasonal cases of flu and infections.
  9. Register at the Government of Canada website: Prior to departure, please ensure to visit the following website and click to “Register.” The government of Canada provides a free service to Canadians traveling abroad and this service allows Government of Canada to notify you in case of an emergency abroad or personal emergency at home.

Go over your list:

We hope this travel essentials checklist saves you time and worrying while you’re scrambling around before your trip. For more comprehensive information, better care and superior customer service visit us in person. ABC Travel Clinic has all the vaccinations, medications, travel kits and accessories you may need for your upcoming trip. Our clinic is dedicated to helping customers stay safe and wary of risks during their travels. We prioritize staying safe and healthy, which is why we offer the best prices in the GTA for the best services. Our licensed health practitioners administer on-site consultations, vaccinations and medications.


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